Server Transfer

Explore a new world! This service allows you to transfer your character to another server. Please read the FAQ carefully before applying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Q How will this impact my Collections?
QWhere can I transfer my character to?
QWhat will happen to my character's name?
QHow long does a server transfer take?
QHow do I check the status of my transfer?
QHow many characters can I transfer?
QAre there any additional transfer restrictions to be aware of?
QCan I transfer my character to a Cốt Truyện | Official Site THIENTUYET server?


QHow can I purchase a Server Transfer?
QCan I transfer more than 1 character?
QI don't like the server I transferred to. Can I receive a refund?

Items & Character

QWhat will happen to my Kcoin when I transfer my character?
QWhat will be transferred with my character?
QWhat will not be transferred with my character?


QI purchased a Server Transfer and my character is still on the original server!